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Inspired By Nature

Why should you choose Buildfloor


Seamless Finishing

Every single surface is manufactured to perfection for a look that will stay in style for years to come


Quality You Can Trust 

Since a decade, Buildfloor has been a choice for architects, interior designers, and clientele. 


Peace Of Mind

Post order, relax and let us take care of the details. We own responsibility of material delivery


Transparent Prices

We do all the price estimations for you with no hidden cost. In case of wrong cost estimation, overhead is on us.

A step ahead in making a perfect decision



How do I place an order at buildFloor

Ordering at is easy. You can connect thorugh

  • Just write us at or
  • fill form or
  • whatsapp us on +917340400888 or
  • drop your contact details on chat.
We shall be getting in touch with you within 24 hours.

How do I know that my order is confirmed

Upon payment confirmation at our side, you will get an email for order confirmation

How is stone sheet shipped.

Our standard size is 4 ft * 2 ft. It will sent in a nicely packed box through courier. Buildfloor takes responsibility of logistics damages.

How to open stone sheet box.

Please check corners before opening material and if found any damage. kindly contact immediately to your sales representative or write us on If there is no damage, please cut the box from top (any side) and you will be able to see stack of stone veneer sheets. Please take out sheets one by one by pulling it from the box. It is recomended that you take out sheets before installation only to prevent it from damages.

Which places are served by Buildfloor.

Buildfloor delivers stone veneer sheets PAN India as it is very easy to ship and handle

Damage ownership.

Buildfloor takes end to end damage responsibility till customers take the handover. But in case of any outer damages, please contact us before opening box.


How do I contact if I have further queries on stone veneer sheets products.

Just write us at or whatsapp on +917340400888.

Can i cut stone veneer sheets in different dimension as per my surface or design

Buildfloor stone sheets are so flexible that it can be cut into any size with the help of normal carpentry hand cutting machines which is available with every carpenter. After cutting make surfaces smooth with sand paper.

How much time does it take to install stone sheets.

Stone sheets can be installed within hours to day (max) depending on the designs. Normally, 50-60 sft wall with complex designs can be easily completed in a day.

Who can install stone sheets.

Carpenters, stone mason can easily install stone sheets.

Our carpenter needs help with stone sheets. Do you also provide instructions

Yes, Please contact your sales representative directly or write us on minimum a day before installation