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Granite or Quartz - Picking the Right Countertop Material

In India, Kitchen is the centre of our family's day to day living, reason can be infinite gossip or peaceful morning tea or coffee. Having a beautiful kitchen implies a joyful family environment. While designing or renovating a kitchen, there are many parameters including cabinets, chimneys, countertops, duct, ventilation, hob etc. In this article, we will focus on one of the most important key element: Countertops.

Countertops: Kitchen tops selection plays a key role in overall kitchen look and functionality as we spend 80% time in the kitchen on countertops directly or indirectly through cutting, chopping, grinding, spillover and stains. A well-selected countertop should support all mentioned functionality along with family persona, so let's evaluate two widely available countertops material in India:

  • Granite

  • Quartz


Granite is a completely natural stone and available in 100+ colours. Its hardness is around 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale:

Good at:

  • heat & scratch resistant:

  • super friendly maintenance

  • high durability

  • zero dampness possibility

  • no colour fade due to sunlight exposure

Should avoid:

  • who doesn't like the variation in pattern as being natural stone variation is granite's inherent property


Quartz countertops are man-made material re-engineered from natural mineral quartz, resins and pigments:

Good at:

  • super friendly maintenance

  • zero dampness possibility

  • high durability: it is the hardest material and therefore also less probability of having crack compared to Granite & Marble

Should avoid:

  • where the countertop is under direct exposure of sunlight as its pigments fade away. With technology advancement, this problem might get solved in future

  • who requires pocket-friendly option as quartz is costlier than granite (almost twice)

  • who loves natural beauty because of its engineered material manufacturing.

In essence, whether you opt for granite or quartz installations in your home is more of a personal choice depending on what your aesthetic preference is. If you like the uniformity and budget is not the constraint, Quartz is the material for us or if you are a nature lover and need pocket-friendly option then granite is the choice. Comment below and let us know what you choose!



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